Green Tip: Properly Recycling Electronic Waste

In order to be compliant with the New York State’s Electronic Recycling and Reuse Act, electronics manufactures are required to take back any products under their brand name for recycling. The final stage of the law, which banned electronic waste in landfills in 2011, now prohibits certain electronic items from being picked up curbside. Violators Read More »

Getting NYC to 80 x 50: Waste

Yesterday, part three of NYLCV’s series of forums on “Getting to 80 x 50” focused on waste within New York City and how to achieve the mayor’s vision for zero waste by 2030. A variety of stakeholders from both the public and private sector discussed the many flaws in our current waste management system and Read More »

Eating Green In The Workplace

The current battle over the environment has many fronts – from the halls congress and board rooms of major corporations, to your humble office cubicle. When you go to take a break from your hard work, don’t take a break on going green – with a few easy steps, you can make sure your lunch Read More »

Green Tips to Reduce Household Waste

Many people do not realize the amount of waste created through their daily activities. Things like one’s eating, shopping, and cleaning habit’s can have a detrimental impact on the environment. Here are some steps to become more sustainable that can help to reduce waste and in some cases save money! To save money and reduce Read More »

NYC Department of Sanitation Organics Collection Pilot Diversion Report III

New York City is in a race to achieve Zero Waste to Landfills by 2030. To do so, the city’s Department of Sanitation (DSNY) has implemented an Organics Collection pilot program to develop an informed, pragmatic, and aggressive plan to divert organic waste in pursuit of this ambitious agenda. In June, DSNY submitted its third Read More »