Green Tip: Being Environmentally Conscious During the Holidays

With travel, gift giving, and many big meals, the winter holidays are one of the times of the year with the highest rates of personal consumption. Because of this heightened consumption rate, the holidays  are the time when being conscious of sustainable practices will have the greatest total impact. Here are some holiday practices you Read More »

Green Tip: Lighting for darker days

With the autumnal equinox long gone, days are getting shorter and nights are getting darker, leading us to use more lights both inside and outside our homes. Luckily, with some careful planning and by taking advantage of advancements in technology, you can save money, reduce your energy consumption, and make greener lighting decisions. When it Read More »

Green Your Holiday Season

With all the bustle of the holiday season, staying eco-friendly can get difficult. Rushing from place to place, struggling to squeeze travel, purchases and traditions into a limited amount of time can put a strain not just on yourself, but on the environment as well. Fortunately, a sustainable holiday is easier than it might seem. Read More »