Green Tip: Eating with the Seasons

Eating locally grown food is an important way to lessen your environmental impact. Buying from grocery stores that source from remote farms wastes resources on transportation and manufacturing, and encourages business practices with potential adverse effects. By eating locally-grown food, you can support local farms and the local economy and cut down on the greenhouse emissions that Read More »

Green Tip: Combat Deforestation as a Consumer

Deforestation is devastating some of our most precious places. From loss of biodiversity to species fragmentation to exacerbating climate change, the demand for wood and paper products is one of the most pressing threats to our planet. Thankfully there are a variety of changes we can make to reduce our impact on deforestation. Sustainably Managed Read More »

Cut Costs and Green Your Office

  If you are reading this, you likely have made some personal choices to be more sustainable at home. But when one third of our lives is spent at work, it’s more important than ever to employ green habits in the workplace. By reducing energy and waste you can also save money and cut costs Read More »

Green Tip: Doing Laundry Sustainably

The summer heat means more sweat, and by extension more loads of laundry to do. However there a variety of practices other than re-wearing your sweaty gym clothes that can make your laundry practices more sustainable. Wash with Cold Water Studies show that 75% of the total energy-use and carbon emissions associated with your laundry Read More »

Green Tip: Choosing Eco-Friendly Sunscreen

Sunscreen and summer go together hand in hand. Sunscreen is essential for protecting our skin from the sun’s harmful, cancer causing UV rays. But did you know that some of the sunscreens you use to protect your skin may actually be doing damage to your body? As if that’s not bad enough, many popular sunscreens Read More »