Our Work

NYLCVEF uses a variety of tactics to educate the public, candidates and elected officials on sustainability issues. We produce educational publications, hold forums on conservation issues and conduct civic engagement campaigns to empower more New Yorkers to be effective advocates.

DeBlasioCivic Engagement

Through our civic engagement campaigns, NYLCVEF seeks to empower grassroots citizens to be effective advocates for the environment. These programs target discrete communities across New York State and utilize a variety of outreach strategies to encourage citizens to learn about and take action on local conservation issues.

Nonpartisan Electoral Activities

Crowd.mediumNYLCVEF’s nonpartisan electoral activities usually take place leading up to an election and seek to educate voters and candidates on the critical connection between elected office and environmental protections and by encouraging environmentalists to vote. Activities include candidate forums, “get out the vote” campaigns and environmental candidate schools that educate prospective politicians on environmental issues and the importance of adding them to their campaign platform and legislative agenda.

Policy ForumsMarciaSolar

NYLCVEF educational forums bring together elected officials, environmental leaders and the general public for discussion on timely environmental policy issues. Our educational forums take a variety of forms – ranging from multi-day events with hundreds of attendees to intimate roundtable discussions with industry leaders to grassroots community events.


From our Citizens Guide to Reporting Environmental Crimes to Solid Waste Recommendations for New York City, NYLCVEF publications educate residents, policy makers and elected officials about a broad range of sustainability issues.