• Green Tips to Reduce Household Waste

    Posted by   |  March 17, 2017
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    Many people do not realize the amount of waste created through their daily activities. Things like one’s eating, shopping, and cleaning habit’s can have a detrimental impact on the environment. Here are some steps to become more sustainable that can help to reduce waste and in some cases save money!

    To save money and reduce waste you can make your own cleaning wipes. Here is what you need: A plastic container, cloth pieces, a cup of water, two tablespoons of white vinegar, half a tablespoon of dish soap, and an optional eight drops of essential oil. Mix everything together and once you have formed the liquid mixture you can dip the cloths in and start cleaning!

    You can also make your own reusable wet pads to clean the floor! Here is what’s necessary: Four cups of distilled water, two cups of white vinegar, ten to fourteen drops of pure essential oil, and twelve 11”x11” cleaning rags and an empty Swiffer pad container. Dip the rags into the liquid mixture and attach them to a Swiffer mop and you are ready to clean the floor!

    Another way to reduce waste is to purchase rechargeable batteries rather than normal batteries. In the long run rechargeable batteries will save money while reducing your environmental footprint. Disposal of products such as batteries, electronics, and plastics can have a negative impact on the environment, so by using rechargeable batteries you are taking a step in the right direction to help protect the environment.

    To go even further you can even take steps to reduce your plastic waste. Many people do not realize to what extent plastic water bottle waste has a negative impact on the environment. By making an easy adjustment and purchasing your own personal reusable water bottle you can save money and help decrease plastic water bottle pollution!

    You can also reduce plastic waste by purchasing reusable K-Cups. Unfortunately Keurig K-cups are not biodegradable, nor recyclable, and the majority of them end up in landfills once they are thrown away. However, many companies have taken the initiative to create reusable K-cups to help reduce K-cup’s pollution. Another alternative is to purchase a standard drip coffee maker, or for even less waste, a French press.

    One of the most recognizable ways to reduce waste is purchasing reusable shopping bags for shopping. One of the perks of reusable shopping bags is that some stores will not charge you a fee for using a disposable bag or will give you a discount on your purchase. Also by using reusable bags you can help reduce deforestation and emissions.

    Another method to reduce personal waste is to change your eating habits. By purchasing local and organic products, and by properly storing your food you can significantly reduce food waste. One of the best ways to do this is by shopping at a local farmers market. Shopping at a farmers market will also help farmers in your area, reducing emissions while creating an economic benefit. Also, instead of throwing out food that is still good, you can donate it to local food pantries or neighbors in need, helping to reduce food insecurity.

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