• Green Tip: Investing in Sustainability

    Posted by   |  February 19, 2017
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    Letting companies borrow your money gives them buying power and liquidity. You have the ability to promote sustainable practices by giving that power and liquidity to responsible businesses.

    Use smarter filters

    The sustainability mindset is shared by enough consumers these days that many investment platforms allow ecology and green business practices to be a filter through which investors choose their options. Investment apps now allow users to customize the ethical practice of the businesses they are willing to invest in. Check out Stash for an easy-to-use app, or EarthFolio

    Invest in you own practices

    • Improve your home’s heating system’s to save on long term losses
    • Install solar panels or purchase renewable energy.
    • Invest in new windows. Windows are the home’s main primary source of conductive heat loss
    • New tires improve fuel efficiency
    • Support companies that share your values. B Corps can be a great place to start.

    Use blogs for direct suggestions
    Some people who practice environmentalist investing share their trials and errors so you don’t have to make their mistakes. If you don’t want to rely on investment platforms, you can filter your search by relying on the recommendations of individuals. Since investment services themselves always try to appeal to a large audience, blogs have the advantage of being more scrupulous and categorical to fit your individual tastes.

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