• Eco-Friendly Air Conditioning Alternatives

    Posted by   |  April 15, 2017
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    15614999206_9f063ba20c_oAir conditioners place immense pressure on the electricity grid during peak periods of demand and are a big contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. They’re especially a problem in big cities like New York, where research has proven that air conditioners actually make the city hotter by discharging heat right back into the air. A website called Green Living Ideas provides several options for how to keep cool without air conditioning that could be useful in the heat of the summer:

    • Keep the sun’s heat out of your home using curtains, blinds, or awnings
    • Try cross ventilation and open the windows at night for an influx of cooler night air
    • Install vents and fans so that as heat rises, it leaves your home and is replaced by cooler air from below
    • Turn off all heat sources such as the stove and oven, lamps, your computer, and your TV
    • Avoid hot showers, washing dishes, washing clothes, etc. until after dark
    • Insulate your home to keep heat out and the cool air in
    • Drink water more frequently because your body will feel cooler if you are hydrated
    • Dress appropriately: wear light colors, loosely woven natural fabrics, short sleeves, etc.

    If all else fails, visit a public building you know will be air conditioned such as the mall, library, church, or movie theater. Air conditioning doesn’t have to be considered a necessity to staying cool and comfortable during the summer. It is possible to avoid the heat and save both money and energy on air conditioning by making some small adjustments.

    In Short:

    Hot and humid weather has already arrived but that doesn’t mean you have to rely solely on air conditioners to stay cool. Avoid sky-high electricity bills and reduce your carbon footprint with our helpful tips.

    By Breanna Giovanniello

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