• A few easy ways to grow your own spices and vegetables

    Posted by   |  March 31, 2017
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    Entire vegetables and spice collections can be grown in your own home with little effort or waste. Just once sampling of the following plants can provide you sustainable supply indefinitely.

    A four inch stem cutting of basil can easily grow entire new basil plants. Place a non-flowering, four inch segment of basil stem in a jar of water where it will receive six to eight hours of sunlight per day. A root system should emerge in about a week; then,  you can transplant the plant directly into soil.

    Lemongrass grows similarly to basil. A stalk, placed bulb-down in a jar of water with exposure to sunlight, will grow roots in about three weeks. After a root system emerges, the plant can be transplanted to soil in the garden or a container. Try to switch out the water every two days.

    Garlic is very easy to grow from a single clove. Simply plant it, blunt-end facing downward, two inches deep in healthy soil. Water regularly.

    Cut the base off of a clump of celery stalks. Simply place the base in one or two inches of shallow water, and wait for growth. After about a week, there should be enough growth to warrant transferring the plant to soil. Soon after, celery stalks will emerge.

    Green Onions
    The bottom one or two inches of a green onion is the bulb. Cut the bulb off of a green onions and place it in soil just deep enough to hold the bulb- don’t bury it. In about two weeks, the green stems will be long enough to cut off and use, as long as they get regular water

    ½ a potato, after it is dried out, can regenerate into a new potato plant when buried in eight inches of fertile soil. If you plant multiple halves, space them at least one foot apart so they do not compete with each other for soil nutrients.

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